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SPtv About

Still 100% FREE and Non-Profit

About Us 5 Years Old

SPtv is an online Spiritualist Broadcasting Channel.

Spiritual Psychics TV (SPtv) is the first pioneering online Spiritualist TV Channel, breaking new ground by simultaneously streaming on both Facebook and YouTube. We are an independent online service dedicated to collaborating with enlightened individuals and producing a wide array of shows designed to support and entertain our audience.

Our journey began on February 12, 2019, when we were known as Spiritual Productions, later re-branded as Spiritual Psychics TV (SPtv). Initially, we operated as a YouTube-exclusive platform, offering meticulously edited programs with a mission to "Bring Spiritual People Together," encapsulating our guiding slogan and ethos.

On August 7, 2019, at 8 pm GMT, we embarked on a new chapter by going live on Facebook, featuring the remarkable Spiritual Medium Iain Mason, who showcased his extraordinary mediumship abilities.

We take immense pride in delivering a professional service, and our dedicated team of volunteers works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the highest quality content. SPtv operates on a non-profit basis, with any funds received reinvested into covering the ongoing expenses, such as hosting, broadcasting, software, and other essential costs. Your support helps us continue our mission of providing enriching spiritual content to our growing community.


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Our Current Shows

In addition to our regular broadcasts, we continually introduce new presenters and shows throughout the year.

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Keep SPtv FREE

SPtv operates as a non-profit service, and we do not generate any income from this project. Every donation we receive is exclusively allocated to SPtv, assisting us in covering essential expenses like equipment, internet costs, software, and other necessary expenditures.

Should you wish to contribute to the sustainability of our free channel, we provide a convenient monthly recurring donation option through PayPal. Your generous monthly donation is automatically processed by PayPal, but you retain the flexibility to cancel it at any time. The initial payment is processed upfront, and once approved, you will receive an invitation to become a valued part of our community. VIP lounge.

Divine Guidance Oracle Pack

78 unique blend of inspiration, and artistic beauty oracle cards

Step into a world of profound wisdom and insight with the Divine Guidance Oracle Cards – a meticulously crafted deck designed by Spiritual Psychics TV to illuminate your path, inspire your decisions, and awaken your intuition.

This captivating set of 78 cards combines the power of ancient archetypes, celestial guidance, and the essence of life itself to provide you with a unique tool for self-discovery, clarity, and transformation.

Reviews Happy Viewers

We've shared just a few of the numerous reviews sourced from our Facebook page. Feel free to visit and explore more testimonials at your leisure.

Contact Us Say Hello

We receive a high volume of messages, so we kindly ask for your patience as we work through our responses.
Please be aware that there may be certain messages to which we may not provide a reply.

We extend a warm welcome to nearly anyone interested in broadcasting on our channel. If you are a reader and would like to become part of our team, please follow these steps:

1. Register with our directory.
2. Complete your listing, ensuring you have selected the option "I wish to be considered to present on SPtv."
Once you've successfully registered and your listing has been approved, we will be alerted to your interest in presenting or hosting on SPtv. In response, we will initiate contact with you.

If you prefer not to register with our directory, you have the option to contact us using the provided form. Upon receiving your request, we will promptly respond with a proposed date and time for an interview, which typically lasts about an hour. Additionally, please note that we have specific guidelines that must be acknowledged before you can begin broadcasting on our channel.

SPtv Directory

We host live broadcasts every Monday from 10:30am, at 6pm on specific days throughout the week, and starting from 8pm (UK time) most evenings. We have a Divine Service fortnightly (bi-weekly), on Sundays from 11am. Tune in to our free live streams through our social media platforms. TikTok (random lives), YouTube, or via Facebook.

We receive numerous requests from individuals interested in appearing on SPtv. If you have an idea or proposal you'd like to share, kindly submit it using our provided form. If your idea captures our interest or warrants further discussion, we will reach out to you directly.

Our New VIP lounge section will be here very soon, in the meantime please use our Facebook Group.

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