Ashley Robinson

Friday Evenings

'Being Spiritual” is hosted by Ashley Robinson, his fortnightly show is dedicated to the study of Spiritualist philosophy where Ashley will share his knowledge and insight of Life After Death, and the truths of Spiritualism through thought-provoking ideas and his own beliefs.

Ashley believes that you should dedicate your life and incarnation in pursuit of experiencing all that you can, and more importantly everything that makes you happy.

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About Ashley

Ashley is a Spiritualist Medium and Demonstrator from South London.

He sat in circle since the age of 18 with mediums and tutors Christine Woodham, Mary Dixie and Jill Hay. He delivers his messages from those that have crossed over with a wonderful sense of humour and is on point.

Ashley spends most of his time with his loving wife and children, in his spare time he helps run the 'Life After Death' (LAD) Promotions and Spirit-Seeker festivals, founded by his Grandfather Derek in 1982.


  • Lenka
    Lenka Gourdie

    Amazing work. Always new interesting content. And amazing engagement.

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    Rosey Din

    Words of positivity so uplifting and comforting during these uncertain times.

  • Melisa
    Melissa Skipp

    Very grateful to all that work hard to make this happen. Highly recommend

  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill

    Great Channel, spot on reads, and good info. Highly recommend.