Bill Hughes

Thursday Evening

Collective Consciousness is a fortnightly show dedicated purely to mediumship.

It is a platform uniting Bill Hughes and his guest medium(s) offering individual, evidential, and combined mediumistic readings with live interactive response from the viewing public.

The show offers a great opportunity by introducing new and established mediums to work collectively on a supportive platform.

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About Bill

Bill’s awareness of spirit became apparent from the age of eleven years old.

His journey as a Spiritual Medium began in 2019, since then Bill has served Spiritualist Churches, and Centres all over the UK and recently demonstrated overseas, either in person, or via the virtual platform.

Bills' passion is helping those less fortunate than most, recently Bill organised a fundraiser for the homeless which raised an excess of £1,400.

Bill offers private and personal bookings and is available to book for public demonstrations (this includes online).


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    Nicky Athron

    It’s full of wonderful new experiences and wonderful spiritual people giving there time to help and demonstrate many different ways of their spiritual gifts, it's very uplifting and has the wonderful feeling of belonging to a loving family and people who truly care.

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    Clare-Louise McPartlin

    This was my 1st visit and I would definitely visit again. The readings I did hear were personal to the individual and inspiring.

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    Alex Beaumont

    Had a really evidenced based reading. Spot on with everything. Thank You.

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    Mary Gardiner

    I am so glad I found you, you have helped me through my shielding. You are all lovely very welcoming. The guests & members who do the readings bring through some outstanding evidence of spirit. Thank you.