When you have selected an event and date, a pop up window will open asking you to select how many tickets you want, select the amount of tickets and then press 'Login'. If you are already a member, just enter your login information. If this is your first time, then select the 'Register' link on the login page.

It's quick and we only ask for your name and email address, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Once logged in you can continue to purchase your ticket.

Like any online event service there are fees, we don't charge the user ourselves, but sadly PayPal do, their commission is 2.9% and a 0.30p charge per ticket.

Firstly you need to register with us, once logged in an option will ask you to upgrade (this is free). Once you have upgraded you can place your paid event(s).

We ask a tiny 2% commission on all transactions, this helps pay for our hosting and website costs.

SPtv Shows

We welcome almost anyone to broadcast on our channel, if you are a reader, you must first register to our directory, complete the listing and make sure you have selected 'I wish to be considered to present on SPtv'.

Once registered, and your listing has been approved, we will notice you have requested to present/host on SPtv, we will then contact you.

If you do not wish to register with our directory, you may contact us via our contact section. We will then reply with a day and time for an interview (lasts about an hour), we also have certain guidelines that must be acknowledged before you can broadcast on our channel.
We broadcast every day during the day and every night from 8pm (UK time). We also broadcast from 10:30pm every Tuesday night. You can watch our free live broadcasts via our YouTube channel.

The full list of times and shows are placed on our schedule page.
All information regarding watching and taking part during our live Zoom shows can be found on an external SPtv Fan Page.

The full list of times and shows are placed on our schedule page.

Donating to SPtv

We are free non-profit service and rely on the kind hearts of others to help pay towards equipment costs, broadband streaming, hardware, and software.

You can either donate via PayPal or donate monthly using our subscription service via Patreon.

If you do not have a PayPal account you can still donate using your Credit/Debit card. Just select donate as a guest.

When you become a VIP you will be invited to out SPtv Lounge page to see all the updates and freebies offered.
You need to login to your PayPal or Patreon account and cancel the subscription, sadly we cannot help you as we don't have your login details, and we will never ask for them either. PayPal or Patreon.


If you have forgotten your login details to the event section, please use our 'forgotten' link and we will send you an automated password reset email.

Click here to use the 'forgotten' password to our directory service.
Unlike other TV companies, events or large directories services, they have many team members working and fixing issues within their web site. Sadly we don't have that, our team of volunteers offer their time to help and keep our services free, so if you do find an issue with our website, or something isn't spelt correctly (it happens we're only human), then please do tell us by sending a message via our contacts page. Thanks.


Yes of course, it's 100% free to register and place your listing to our directory, just click here to add your listing.
Once registered you can upgrade to become a 'lister', just follow the instructions placed within your lister admin area.
We are always adding new free features to our website and some are using new technologies, we plan to completely update and give a new facelift to SPtv very soon.
Please register to our directory, visit the listing, and then press the claim button. Complete the relevant information and submit. Once we have checked your details, you will be approved, and then you can update.


Each section has their own security and database area. If you use the Facebook, or Google login/register features, then you can use the same login. This also helps those who don't wish to register to both sections.