Iain Mason

Monday Afternoon

Iains' show has become highly appealing to those who wish to view their life from a different approach including their spirituality, with thought provoking ideas and spiritual exercises. Iain offers an opportunity to help you become that little bit more enlightened, and to understand certain elements of your life.

The live shows are interactive with the viewers participation, sometimes Iain may offer some readings if there is time.

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about Iain

As a Spiritual Medium with over 10 years’ experience working with Spirit, Iain can be found demonstrating his mediumistic abilities at spiritualist churches, centres, and live broadcasts. Iain offers 1-2-1 readings and private meetings.


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    Michaela Hanna

    Very interesting always accurate.

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    Liz Keohane

    Just had an amazing reading live from Iain Mason evidence was superb spot on and totally relivant everything made sence. Much appreciated thank you very much.

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    Burnice Burke

    Highly recommended, very accurate, so accurate in the detail too. Unreal, but so surreal. Brilliant.

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    Katie Anne

    Very happy. Thank you.