Live with Spirit

Wednesday Evenings

Live with Spirit was the first broadcasted live show on SPtv with medium Iain Mason, since then we have broadcasted over 70 shows, teamed up with some of the most talented people, be it spiritual mediums, psychics and other guests.

The show is interactive and every week we have a different presenter offering FREE mini readings during the live broadcast, with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We encourage a community conversation during the show and welcome new viewers to the broadcast.

One of our most popular shows with a list of people requesting to take part/present from all over the world. We have our requested regulars that join us, but we do welcome all new faces to our channel, if you wish to take part then please use the contacts page and send us your details.


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    Amber Patrick

    I've been blessed to become part of this amazing family! All of the readers are beyond amazing, and always so accurate. All the readers give their time and energy for FREE. Highly recommend that everyone becomes apart of this wonderful family!

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    Heidi Spicer

    Love this page, it is like a little community, the most amazing energy, had some great little readings on here.

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    Tina Lacey

    Just love everything about SPtv it's the most beautiful gift for all to have and understand what it's all about, and how bless we can be in this life, just love it all

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    Catherine Simpson

    Great people great mediums love. High degree.