Matt and Kirsty Grogan

Monday Evenings

Matt and Kirsty create a community that grows in spiritual knowledge where viewers can learn about different aspect of mediumship, healing, and spirit. Matt and Kirsty answer some of the viewers questions from their own viewpoint, this is to help the viewer understand the world of spirit as well as seeing how the views of the presenters compliments the beliefs the individual has or adds to it.

The show also offers free readings through-out the broadcast, with Kirsty delivering psychic card messages, or Matt offering evidential messages from your loved ones.

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About the Presenters

Kirsty is an evidential medium and psychic who loves working with Spirit, as well as using other modalities such as Past Life Regression, Trance Mediumship and Spirit Release Therapy. Kirsty enjoys giving readings across the globe.

Matt is also an evidential medium who loves connecting to your loved ones in Spirit. Over the years, Matt has sat on various committees to help raise the standard of Reiki, Mediumship and Spiritual Healing.

Both Matt and Kirsty are accredited in this country by leading organisations for Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Complementary Therapies, Mediumship and Spiritual Healing. They work across the U.K, Ireland, Europe, and the U.S. demonstrating mediumship and teaching workshops.


  • Viewer
    Pamela Watson

    I had a reading today and wow wow its the best reading I have had, and would recommend my friends, thank u so much thank u so much love and light to u xxxx.

  • Viewer
    Caroline Clist

    Had a wonderful message from Kirsty & Matt this evening. It was so accurate about what's going on in my life & some wonderful uplifting advise. You've brought a huge smile to my face & I feel so much lighter & postive.

  • Viewer
    Jacki Birch

    Tuned into Kirsty and Matts show tonight - wow, really enjoyed it. You were able to ask questions about the spirit life and if you were chosen you then received a message. What a fabulous way to learn more and linking into cards and spirits at the same time - win win all around

  • Viewer
    Caroline Tinx Johnson

    Kirsty gave me a reading and wow, litterally wow, amazingly spot on, a beautiful soul you are Kirsty and absolutely spot on with all the information you gave me in that beautiful reading that I really needed. You connected with my grandad and nan and everything you said was exact.

    The way you connect with spirit and pass on the messages is wonderful, so thankyou, your a very gifted lady. Keep doing what your doing and thankyou so much again...all my love xxx