Bec Sawyer

Sunday Afternoon

Join Polly, Lia and Jane for their live unscripted interactive fortnightly chat show about life, love and spirituality, while offering advice and readings through-out the show.

Real women, with real issues, sharing and helping those who need support where it's needed. Some shows have special guests who may also offer free readings to those who they feel drawn too.

  • Polly Harnett

    Polly Harnett

    Medium, Trance & Animal Communicator

    Polly works predominantly as a Spiritual Medium and a Tarot Card Reader, however Polly does offer Trance Mediumship, Rahanni Healing, Animal Healing and is also a Communication Therapist (Diploma).

    She loves to offer both private 1-2-1, and group readings. Polly has demonstrated her abilities on stage, and offers her time for certain charity events.

    When she isn't too busy, Polly teaches psychic and mediumship development workshops and talks.

  • Psychic Picnic


    Skin Specialist, Reiki Healer, Trace Medium & Intuitive Reader

    Lia predominantly works as a Senior Skin Specialist in a doctor-led medical clinic. However, she has also been giving readings and guidance to people all over the world since 2017.

    Lia never knew she had a gift until she herself went for a reading with a fantastic medium and all was revealed. Since then, Lia has been helping others through tarot, mediumship and healing. Lia is also fascinated by Psychic Investigations and has studied this topic and worked on real cases with the renowned International Spiritual Medium Lisa Williams.

    Lia is also a Trance Medium and has demonstrated this by bringing through her Spirit Guides live on SPTV past shows. Lia is not currently offering private readings, but you can catch her on the Sunday Sofa Show alongside Polly and Jane.

  • VIP

    Jane Morton

    Psychic Counsellor & Tarot Reader

    Jane is an Intuitive Psychic/Medium, Psychic Counsellor, Rahanni Teacher Practitioner & Holistic Therapist.

    Jane has been working as a psychic for nearly 6 years, but her first encounter with spirit was when she was only 5 years old. Jane tells us “I'm friendly, down to earth and what you see is what you get, it really is the real me with no frills.

    Jane enjoys working with Lia and Polly, and she tells us “I love helping others and enjoy the work that I do, I know it helps and supports those in need”.