• Monday

      The Iain Show
      Season 2: April - The Iain Mason Show (week 1)
      Spiritual insights, Q&A and exercises to help you understand the spirit worlds.
      Matt and Kirsty Grogan
      8pm - Matt and Kirsty Grogan (weekly)
      Q&A with Mediumship and Oracle readings for those who ask the best spiritual questions.
  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

      Live with Spirit
      8pm - Live with Spirit (weekly)
      A show that offers an opportunity for different readers to broadcast on SPtv.
  • Thursday

      Bill Hughes
      1pm - Psychic Picnic (weekly)
      Jackie Robinson hosts via Zoom to discuss the history and pioneers of Spiritualism.
      Bill Hughes
      8pm - Collective Consciousness (week 1)
      Bill Hughes welcomes different guest mediums, demonstrating their mediumship abilities.
      Elly Charles
      8pm - Elly Charles (week 2)
      Author, Medium and Tarot reader Elly Charles hosts her own show offering readings.
  • Friday

      Sam O'Neil
      1pm - Rune Readings (week 1)
      Sam O'Neil offers free Rune readings and guidance.
      Ashley Robinson
      8pm - Being Spritual (week 1)
      Ashley Robinson presents his show all about spiritual philosophy, sometimes with guests.
      Guided Meditation
      11:30am - Guided Meditation (week 2)
      Minister Lesley Knight guides you through a meditation, and then answers your questions.
      Around the Table
      8pm - Around the Table (week 2)
      A discussion show about anything, always a giggle, but it can get serious at times!
  • Saturday

      Mediumship Demonstration
      8pm - Mediumship Demonstration (weekly)
      Different guest medium to demonstrate their mediumship ability while offering free messages.
  • Sunday

      Divine Service
      11am - Divine Service (weekly)
      Wimbledon Spiritualist Church hosts a prayer, reading, address and mediumship service.
      The Sunday Sofa
      2pm - The Sunday Sofa (week 1)
      Polly, Lia and Jane present their topical chat show, includes mediumship and oracle card readings.
      Veronica Jenkins
      2pm - My Kind of People (week 2)
      Veroncia presents a new show interviewing some of the most influential people.
      VIP Nights
      8pm - Zoom VIP Nights (weekly)
      Marcus Lapsa hosts a VIP free mediumship development show, the alternative week Veronica Jenkins hosts a fledglings evening.