Zoom Shows

Even though we stream via YouTube and Facebook for most of our shows, we also understand that some broadcasts need to be more personal with only a selected number of viewers attending.

With that in mind, we offer ‘Zoom’ live shows for that personal experience, this allows us to limit the number of viewers taking part in the show, and moderate the room for a more personal and secure experience.

If you wish to take part in our free Zoom shows, please visit our Fan Page for more information, including the ID code and Password.

  • Brunch with SPtv

    Brunch with SPtv

    Monday mornings from 11am UK Time

    with Alison and Stace (hosts)

    Our new weekly show invites many guests to take part in our Monday Brunch with SPtv ranging from meditations, talks, tutorials, workshops, readings, psychic art and so much more.

    This show is also streamed to Facebook

  • Spiritual Touch

    The Spiritual Touch - Healing

    Wendi Lindsay
    Tuesday Afternoon from 2pm UK Time

    with Wendi Lindsay

    Wendi tells us "Working with my Pendulum and energy clearing charts I link into the groups energies and the Pendulum will show me a few of your negative emotions and energies that are needing help clearing, for example, low self-worth, lack of focus etc. Relax and watch the pendulum spin to help clear these energies along with my voice commands."

  • Psychic Picnic

    Psychic Picnic - History

    Jackie Robinson
    Thursday Afternoon from 1pm UK Time

    with Jackie Robinson

    The afternoon with Jackie discusses pioneers and individuals that have made a substantial contribution to spiritualist history, and the creation of a hall of merit, be it Mediums, teachers, healers, authors and guides.

  • VIP

    VIP Development

    Marcus Lapsa
    Sunday Nights from 8pm UK Time

    with Marcus Lapsa

    Our VIP fortnightly show aimed at giving back to all VIP members. It is a show to enable the VIP to learn about and understand their own abilities be it mediumistic or psychic. The Zoom event is a secure environment that enables encouragement so members gain confidence, understand how they are receiving things from spirit or how their abilities are progressing.

  • VIP

    VIP Fledglings

    Veronica Jenkins
    Sunday Nights from 8pm UK Time

    with Veronica Jenkins

    Our VIP fortnightly Fledglings show allows our VIP to help new and up and coming mediums by offering them a secure and safe way to practice on people that will not judge. The show also offers feedback from the participants.